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Ad Preview

Take a look at how to display your ad!

Self-service Ad Preparation

Self-service advertising!

Publish your own advertisements by using the optmum ad models and targetings by yourself. Advertise with your impressive ad models to our Premium websites. Get Information

Advanced Advertising Models

Introduce your brand via Advanced Advertising Models!

With the unique advertising models of adhood ® , Make maximum profit with minimum budget by choosing the best advertising model for your business! Get Information

Dynamic Ad Spaces

Maximize your advertising revenue while your advertisements are charming your visitors!

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Maximum Gain

Maximize your gain by pulishing the optimum advertisement for your website. Create your ad space with convenient advertisement models and start publishing.

Maximize your gain by pulishing the optimum advertisement for your website. Create your ad space with convenient advertisement models and start publishing. Get Information

Granular Reporting

Closely follow your performances of your advertisements!

With Granular Reoprting, advertisers follow up their campaigns when publishers evaulate their ad space performances optimally. Get Information
Ad Preview Self-service Ad Preparation Advanced Advertising Models Dynamic Ad Spaces Maximum Gain Granular Reporting


for Advertisers

With adhood winWords you can make self-service ad publishing. You can advertise in premium websites and introduce your brand by using various ad models with easy using and free membership. You can optimize your campaigns by using detailed targeting options.

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for Publishers

You can join adhood Publisher Network with free membership and make advertising broadcast. With the impressive ad models that you are going to publish in your website and dynamic ad spaces, you can increase your advertisement incomes. You can sell your ad spaces self-service and integrate the other ad spaces.

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for Networks

It is possible to make your own ad network with adhood Pubserver service. You can add websites that you want to this network. You can create specific campaigns to ad spaces in these websites and manage your campaigns by yourself. You can check performances of your campaigns and the websites in your network momentarily.

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for Webmasters

Adhood Analytics allow you to evaulate sales and recovery. Beside these evaulations you can get informations about how do visitor come to your websites, where do these visitor find your website from and how to make them visit your website again.

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for Advertisers

Dynamic Retageting is so easy with Merchant! You can create and check datas of your dynamic retargeting products by using Merchant system. Maximize the rate of recovery by keeping your products update.

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for Agencies

You can manage ad spaces and webites that you are going to pulish your advertements by yourself with adhood adserver service. You can check the reports of your campaigns and performances of your ad spaces momentarily

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for Advertisers